How is accountability understood among different humanitarian actors?

You can now view a recording of this discussion examining the argument for broadening the concept of accountability when it comes to humanitarian action

Migration in Sudan: New directions in changing times

In this Bergen Global seminar, three of Sudan’s best-known academics and activists discuss migration into, through, and out of Sudan.

Prospects for repatriation for Syrian refugees?

This Middle East Centre (PRIO) policy brief addresses the challenges for Syrian refugees in major host countries and their prospects for repatriation.

Digital innovation and the future of humanitarian action

Interested to see how scenario building methods are used? Watch this webinar exploring digital innovation and humanitarian action using scenario building.

The Middle East as a regional zone of containment

This CMI blog examines the impact of Europe’s externalization policies on the Middle East.

Introducing the NCHS podcast

Welcome to “Talking Humanitarianism”, a podcast by the NCHS bringing you conversations with humanitarian researchers and practitioners.

Explore our humanitarian resource hub

Our resource hub is easy to use and includes articles, webinars, podcasts, policy briefs, books and more. We hope you find our resource hub useful.

Welcome to the new NCHS website!

A key feature of our new website is our humanitarian ‘resource hub’, where you can find a range of resources on humanitarian related issues from migration, conflict and disaster to health and governance.

Analysis of the UN concept ‘leave no one behind’

Two CMI working papers exploring the UN concept of ‘leave no one behind’ and its manifestation in humanitarianism.

The EU and offshore asylum processing

This PRIO policy brief examines the Australian model of offshore processing of asylum seekers, including the failures of the model.