Taliban talks underway in Norway

NCHS Director Antonio De Lauri gives interview about what the Taliban delegation may hope to achieve through talks in Norway.

Latest episode of Talking Humanitarianism!

Hear why existing models of community resilience should be challenged and how communities emerge from disasters.

Looking back on 2021

An overview of NCHS activities for 2021 and the humanitarian events and issues that have shaped the work of the NCHS this year.

Recordings of NCHS Annual Meeting now available

You can now watch recordings of all four sessions from the NCHS Annual Meeting “Humanitarian protection 20 years into the war on terror”.

New NCHS paper on Islamic finance and humanitarian diplomacy

This NCHS paper analyses the role of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Islamic Development Bank during crises.

Negotiating access to health care for populations affected by conflict

This CMI Working Paper seeks to understand the tools required to allow negotiations for the access of health care by populations affected by humanitarian disasters.

New episode of Talking Humanitarianism out now

Tune in to hear an interesting discussion about reconsidering our understanding of vulnerability in the context of humanitarian disasters.

Successful NCHS Annual Meeting wraps up in Oslo

The two-day NCHS Annual Meeting provided for many productive discussions about the impact of counterterrorism measures on humanitarian efforts.  

New NCHS paper on the use of satellites in humanitarian contexts

This paper analyses the reasons underlying the diffusion and strategic value of satellite technology, particularly the importance of data in international policy and the management of humanitarian crises.

Protection of education in conflict zones

This PRIO blog examines why children’s education a relevant concern for the Security Council and why education is absolutely a question of security.