A word of thanks

NCHS was operational from 2012-2023. It is currently inactive as funding has ended

Researchers from across Norway and internationally have met and exchanged through the Research network – established with funding from the Research Council of Norway in 2019 – through our meetings and annual gatherings, creating connections that continue to thrive. Through its ‘Fact and Findings’ and ‘Policy Exchange’ seminars, the Centre has shared findings from ongoing humanitarian research projects with large audiences, and exchanged with policymakers and practitioners – enriching its research, and bringing research insights to those working hands-on with today’s key humanitarian challenges.

Through its seed funding mechanism, many of the Centre’s members have organised workshops, seminars, webinars, exhibitions and engaged with even broader audiences. Thanks to this network funding, NCHS has also upgraded its website as a platform for humanitarian knowledge-sharing, publishing critical blog posts, podcasts and a series of NCHS papers.

Even though the NCHS is currently inactive, it is hoped that these resources will remain useful for many in the humanitarian field. The discussions on humanitarian issues continue at each of the three organising institutes – PRIO, CMI and NUPI, so check out their websites for more on what is happening in humanitarian research today.


The NCHS Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts was funded by the Norwegian Research Council from January 2019 to June 2023, and received a one-year funding grant from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs until November 2023.

The NCHS was established in 2012 as a joint initiative of the Chr. Michelsen Institute in Bergen (CMI), the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), with the aim to gather researchers in the humanitarian field, and serve as an exchange platform with policymakers and humanitarian practitioners.

Over the last decade, the NCHS has been able to support the development of a range of new research projects, and most importantly, create meeting spaces for fruitful and important exchanges on critical humanitarian issues.

The NCHS is now inactive due to a lack of new funding.