Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies events

We are currently no longer planning any events. For past events, please see below.
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Humanitarian criminalisation event at PRIO. Image credit: Indigo Trigg-Hauger / PRIO

Past Events

State of the humanitarian system: Challenges and Norway’s leadership

This seminar was held on 9 October 2023 and explored the current state of the humanitarian system and what this means for Norway’s future as a humanitarian leader.

Histories and futures of ethics in humanitarian negotiations

This seminar was held on 6 October 2023 and explored the ethics of humanitarian negotiations, including which compromises are acceptable and which principles should be adhered to.

The ethics of localisation in humanitarian action

Since the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, localisation has been firmly on the agenda. These roundtable discussions explore the ethics of the localisation of humanitarian action.

The clash of self-identities between Afghanistan and Pakistan

In this seminar, Farhat Taj presented her work on the clash of self-identities between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Pakistan’s support for the Taliban.

Al-Hol: Refugee, integration or prison camp?

This seminar was held on 22 August 2023 and discussed the humanitarian conditions for thousands of people stranded in Syrian refugee camps and possible solutions for those detained.

Risks and responsibilities in the digital transformation of humanitarian action

This virtual roundtable explores the risks and responsibilities associated with the use of digital technologies , such as biometric devices, drones and AI, in humanitarian action.

Humanitarian futures

The ‘Humanitarian Futures’ conference was held on 7 and 8 June 2023 and explored the developments, risks, ideals and policies characterising the transformation of humanitarian assistance.

Forced migration, re-integration and rebuilding lives of returnees

Hosted by ICJ Norway in partnership with NRC and NCHS, this seminar explored forced migration, re-integration and rebuilding the lives of returnees.

Fit for purpose? How innovation, experimentation and digital harm changed aid

Held on 23 May 2023 this workshop explored how the digital transformation of aid and humanitarian innovation have challenged the sector.

Book launch: Continental Encampment

The launch of ‘Continental Encampment: Genealogies of Humanitarian Containment in the Middle East and Europe’ edited by Are John Knudsen and Kjersti G. Berg was held on 28 April 2023.