New article: From asylum seekers to kin

The making and effects of kinship between Norwegian citizens and migrants

This article for the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies explores the building of kinship between Norwegian citizens and asylum seekers from the Middle East.

New NCHS paper: Is there legal pluralism in Afghanistan?

Notes on injustice and access to justice

This NCHS paper examines the use of the term legal pluralism in Afghanistan and argues that where access to justice is particularly difficult or neglected, social actors face an absence rather than a plurality of legal orders.

Governance and survival after the earthquake

The political complexities of humanitarian assistance

The tragic earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria in February has been labelled the region’s “worst natural disaster” in 100 years. This blog explores the governance and political complexities of humanitarian assistance in responding to the disaster.

Humanitarian futures

Save the date - Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 June 2023

Save the date for the ‘Humanitarian Futures’ conferenced to be held in Oslo on 7 and 8 June 2023, where we will explore what developments, risks, ideals and policies are characterising the ongoing transformations of the idea and practice of humanitarian assistance.

Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts

Bringing together humanitarian researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the public

The NCHS Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts provides a platform for connecting research on humanitarian efforts both within Norway and internationally.

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