When are economic sanctions morally justified?

The just war criteria applied to sanctions

In spite of widespread support for the sanctions against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, international economic sanctions remain a controversial instrument in world politics. This blog discusses how the ethical criteria of just cause, proportionality, last resort and reasonable chance of success can help us think about the justice of sanctions.

The temporary turn in Norwegian asylum law and practice

Temporary protection as a strategy of migration management

This CMI report explores the dynamics and effects of temporary protection practices in Norway.

New initiative on resettlement launched

Focusing on the interrelation of conflict, displacement and environment

Supported by funding from the NCHS, two CMI researchers have launched a new initiative in Columbia on sustainable and inclusive resettlement in contexts of violent conflict.

Introducing the ‘Displacement-Environment Nexus’ blog

DENx blog series

The DENx blog explores the relationship between displaced people and the environment, as part of the ‘Prioritising Displacement-Environment Nexus’ research project hosted at CMI.

Explore our humanitarian resource hub

Search here for resources on a range of humanitarian issues from migration, conflict and disaster to health, governance and more

Our resource hub is easy to use and includes articles, webinars, podcasts, policy briefs, books and more. We hope you find our resource hub useful.

Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts

Bringing together humanitarian researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the public

The NCHS Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts provides a platform for connecting research on humanitarian efforts both within Norway and internationally.

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