Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts

NCHS was operational from 2012-2023. It is currently inactive as funding has ended
The Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts was established in 2019 by the Norwegian Centre of Humanitarian Studies, with funding from the NORGLOBAL program of the Norwegian Research Council
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Image credit: UN Photo/Logan Abassi

Aim of the Research Network

In light of increased demands for humanitarian assistance around the globe, the humanitarian system is undergoing profound changes, including the role of new donors, new actors, innovation and new technology, as well as direct political and security challenges to the delivery of humanitarian aid.

To understand and address these changes, as well as identifying how humanitarian aid can be delivered to affected populations, there was a need to connect existing knowledge and research, and create a platform for exchange among researchers, policy makers, practitioners and the public. As a result, the NCHS established the Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts.

The Research Network has aimed to strengthen dialogue and information exchange among researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the public on key issues, challenges and trends in the humanitarian sector.

The Research Network has also provided a mechanism for exchange of knowledge and experiences among humanitarian researchers and to identify where further humanitarian related research is required.