Education in emergencies

Rethinking, engaging and envisioning pathways
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How can we best provide education to children and young people displaced by conflict and natural disasters around the world? In what ways can education be tailored to meet unique needs? How can educational approaches be adapted to foster resilience?

In this episode Dr. Ritesh Shah (Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland in New Zealand, Aotearoa) joins Işınsu Acar for a thought-provoking conversation on the emergence of the education in emergencies community. Dr Shah is a leading expert in education and development studies focusing on the intersection of humanitarian disasters, conflict and peacebuilding.

Employing an interdisciplinary and critical lens to analyse prevailing norms and key players orchestrating educational response, in this episode Dr. Shah discusses alternative epistemologies and ontologies that disrupt mainstream discourses and practices reproducing ‘Othering’.

The episode also takes a look behind the scenes of curriculum design and reform in peace education, providing a nuanced understanding of the complexities involved in striking a delicate balance between immediate needs and sustainable, long-term solutions. The discussion concludes with an emphasis on the principles of independence, inclusivity and accountability as pathways to building a resilient and inclusive educational landscape.

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