Talking humanitarianism podcast

In this podcast, you will hear from researchers and practitioners who share their findings and reflections on a range of humanitarian issues from migration, conflict and disaster to health and governance.

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The Talking Humanitarianism podcast series is an initiative of the Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts of the NCHS.

Series 01: Intersecting vulnerabilities in humanitarian disasters

Series 02: Humanitarianism and transitions to a low-carbon future

Episode 09: Humanitarianism in a post-liberal age

Episode 10: Against the humanitarian grain

Series 03: Humanitarianism through the lens of climate resilient development

Episode 15: The ethics of humanitarian neutrality in Syria

Episode 16: Red lines for humanitarian aid in Afghanistan

Episode 17: Principled humanitarian action: Dynamics of good practice

Episode 18: Engaging with the Taliban then and now