Humanitarian diplomacy podcast

In a new podcast series delving into humanitarianism and humanitarian diplomacy, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) Doctoral Researcher Salla Turunen and Research Professor Antonio De Lauri invite practitioners, policy makers and scholars to discuss the concept.

Hosted by Salla Turunen, the first episode in this series explores the topic of humanitarian ethics with philosopher and Senior Researcher, Kristoffer Lidén (Peace Research Institute Oslo).

This episode delves into questions such as can humanitarian principles be implemented in a non-ideal world? How do practitioners navigate humanitarian ideals and operational realities on the ground? And what kind of issues humanitarian diplomacy raises in terms of ethics? Tune in to find out more!

The Humanitarian Diplomacy podcast is available on Spotify and Anchor.

This podcast is a part of the CMI research project ‘Humanitarian Diplomacy: Assessing Policies, Practices and Impact of New Forms of Humanitarian Action and Foreign Policy’, funded by the Research Council of Norway.