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Humanitarian criminalisation event at PRIO. Image credit: Indigo Trigg-Hauger / PRIO

Past Events

Exhibition opening: More than the humanitarian gaze

You are invited to the opening of “More than the humanitarian gaze” an exhibition of Jørgen Grinde’s photographs from the Middle East in the 1950s, to be held at the University of Bergen on 26 January.

Humanitarian neutrality during the Syrian civil war since 2011

Organised by PRIO and the NCHS, this virtual roundtable examined the principle and practice of humanitarian neutrality during the Syrian civil war since 2011.

Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies Annual Conference

The NCHS Annual Conference for 2022 was held at the House of Literature in Bergen, Norway on Friday 4 November.

Gender and humanitarian diplomacy

This webinar on ‘Gender and Humanitarian Diplomacy’ was jointly hosted by the Xavier School of Management Centre for Gender Equality and Inclusive Leadership and the NCHS.

Screening as a data processing operation in aid work

This workshop will facilitate a discussion on screening as a data processing operation in the context of aid work and will discuss relevant data protection issues.

Just economic sanctions?

When are economic sanctions justified, and when do the human costs exceed the benefits? In this seminar, commentators looked into this question through a combination of philosophical analysis and recent examples like Afghanistan and Venezuela.

Exclusive tourism enclaves

Exclusive tourism spaces have increased substantially in recent years. This workshop brought together scholars from various fields to examine the effects of these projects on humanitarian research and policy.

Norwegian Red Cross during World War II

This seminar examining the Norwegian Red Cross during World War II was co-hosted by the Norwegian Red Cross and the NCHS.

Muslim philanthropy and Islamic social finance in humanitarian response

This webinar explored how Islamic social financing instruments can be used to support humanitarian interventions and fill the gap in conventional financing.

Seeking refuge in Greece: Local and EU responses, taking stock and looking ahead

This breakfast seminar co-hosted by PRIO and the NCHS, discussed local and EU responses to migrants seeking refuge in Greece and reflected on lessons learned.