Protection of education in conflict zones

This PRIO blog examines why children’s education is a relevant concern for the Security Council and why education is a question of security.

Film screening of ‘Mama’ – Afghan Refugees in Norway

The Culture House in Oslo is screening ‘Mama’, a film about Afghan refugees in Norway, followed by a panel discussion featuring NCHS Director, Antonio De Lauri.

Human mobility and human rights in the pandemic

International law scholars have published a series of essays examining legal and policy issues relevant to the current and future pandemics and migrant rights.

The IHSA conference underway features NCHS members

The International Humanitarian Studies Association Humanitarian Studies Conference is underway! Here is where you can see our NCHS members.

Data protection and biometrics

NGOs and UN agencies have collected personal data of millions of people in the global South. A new ICSC blog explores if this has been done with due prudence?

Launch seminar for new report on migrant vulnerability

Join this seminar on 3 November hosted by the Institute for Social Research to launch the report “Vulnerable protection seekers in Norway: Regulations, Practices and Challenges”.

Conceptualising im/mobility: Humanitarianism, camps and borders

Workshop set to bring together academics to examine the humanitarian impacts of Europe’s current approach to immigration.

Recording of Afghan paradoxes of protection webinar now available

You can now view a recording of our webinar on the Afghan protection paradox emerging from the recent Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

UN humanitarian aid comes to Syria for another year

This MidEast (PRIO) policy brief examines the flow of UN humanitarian aid to Syria, following the UN Security Council adoption of Resolution 2585 on 9 July 2021.

Migrants dying in the forests on the EU’s eastern borders

This PRIO blog looks at the unfolding humanitarian crisis on the Poland-Belarus border, which continues to claim several lives.