Collective protection as a short-term solution

Over two million people have fled Ukraine following the Russian invasion. This blog reflects on the use of collective protection as a short-term solution to the protection needs of refugees from the war in Ukraine.

Forced displacement from Ukraine

This blog for the Refugee Law Initiative surveys existing scholarship, history and refugee politics to offer initial reflections on forced displacement from Ukraine.

RedLines project launched

The Red Lines and Grey Zones: Exploring the Ethics of Humanitarian Negotiation project, hosted by PRIO in association with the NCHS, has officially launched.

People on the move in the face of war in Ukraine

With many people fleeing in the face of war in Ukraine, this PRIO blog offers reflections on mobility, inequality and solidarity.

Reflections on the Poland-Belarus border crisis

In this interview with the Public Anthropologist, Marta Bivand Erdal reflects on the ongoing crisis at the Poland-Belarus border.

Climate, peace and security in Afghanistan

NUPI and SIPRI have released a fact sheet on how climate change impacts peace and security in Afghanistan.

What happens after the Taliban’s Oslo visit?

The NAC hosted an online event on 22 February to discuss what came out of the meetings in Oslo and what are the next steps for the Taliban.

NCHS paper on Syrian refugees in the EU and Turkey

This NCHS paper examines policies and practices relating to Syrian refugees in the EU and Turkey, particularly the narrowing of asylum rights.

Taliban talks underway in Norway

NCHS Director Antonio De Lauri gives interview about what the Taliban may hope to achieve through talks in Norway.

Latest episode of Talking Humanitarianism!

Hear why existing models of community resilience should be challenged and how communities emerge from disasters.