New episode of Talking Humanitarianism out now

Intersecting vulnerabilities of humanitarian disasters

Episode three of Talking Humanitarianism is out now!

In this latest episode of our mini series on the intersecting vulnerabilities of humanitarian disasters, host Ekatherina Zhukova, Researcher at Lund University in Sweden, and her guest Andrew Littlejohn, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology of Leiden University in the Netherlands discuss shifting our understanding of vulnerability in the context of humanitarianism to locate responsibility not in people, but with societal institutions and systems that produce vulnerability of particular places or people.

Zhukova and Littlejohn also discuss shifting our thinking about humanitarian disaster responses from a one size fits all approach to emphasise bottom-up processes, where we begin with urgent ethnography and investigation to understand the worlds of the people we are trying to assist before dictating how their world is to be reconstructed.

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