Humanitarian borders of Europe seminar recording now available

If you missed the seminar on what the humanitarian borders of Europe are and how they have evolved since 2015, you can now listen to a recording of the discussion.

Looking back on 2022

An overview of NCHS activities for 2022 and the humanitarian events and issues that have shaped the work of the NCHS this year.

HumBORDER project wraps up in Oslo

The Humanitarian Borders from 2015-2022 project has wrapped up with a successful closing seminar in Oslo earlier this month.

Covid-19 and Muslim humanitarian actors and organisations

Two new PRIO policy briefs examine the response to the Covid-19 pandemic by Muslim humanitarian organisations in both Pakistan and in Indonesia.

What role do communities play in accessing energy in humanitarian settings?

In this latest installment from the Talking Humanitarianism podcast, Ekatherina Zhukova and Long Seng To discuss the role communities play in accessing energy in humanitarian settings.

The impact of the Ukraine war on donor priorities

Two new PRIO policy briefs examine the impact of the Ukraine war on donor priorities, including consequences for recipient communities in the Global South and the role of emerging donors.

Ukrainian pet exceptionalism unpacked

New article on ‘pet exceptionalism’ sheds light on new dilemmas raised when refugees are also fleeing with their companion animals.

Call for abstracts: Holding humanitarian aid to account

PRIO, in collaboration with Makerere University and partners, are set to host a workshop in Uganda in June 2023, focusing on the role of local humanitarian actors and their accountability practices.

What do we know about humanitarian energy?

Tune into the latest episode of Talking Humanitarianism with Ekatherina Zhukova and Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen to find out more about what humanitarian energy is and how it operates in contexts of displacement.

UNRWA, funding crisis and the way forward

This CMI report brings attention to the UNRWA funding crisis and the humanitarian and political risks for the international community if this is not addressed.