What role do communities play in accessing energy in humanitarian settings?

Humanitarianism and transitions to a low-carbon future podcast
Listen to the latest Talking Humanitarianism podcast episode ‘Communities are key to energy resilience in humanitarian crisis’ here!

In the fourth episode of our mini-series on humanitarianism and transitions to a low-carbon future, Ekatherina Zhukova and Long Seng To, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Development and Joint-Director of the Centre for Sustainable Transitions: Energy, Environment & Resilience (STEER) at Loughborough University, discuss how the concept of “community energy resilience” can help bring attention to a human dimension of an otherwise technical world of energy access in humanitarian crises.

Based on To’s extensive work experience in several countries in Africa and Asia, they ponder the importance of co-designing humanitarian energy systems with displaced people themselves and other stakeholders.

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