Principled humanitarian action

In this episode of Talking Humanitarianism, humanitarian consultant and former Director at MSF-UK, Marc DuBois shares his reflections on the culture, architecture and politics of humanitarian action.

Book launch: Continental Encampment

Join us for the launch of ‘Continental Encampment: Genealogies of Humanitarian Containment in the Middle East and Europe’ a new book edited by Are John Knudsen and Kjersti G. Berg.

Humanitarian Futures conference: Introducing keynote speakers

We are very pleased to announce Amali Tower (Climate Refugees), Mukesh Kapila (University of Manchester) and Dorothea Hilhorst (Erasmus University) will join us as keynote speakers at the upcoming NCHS Humanitarian Futures conference.

Call for panels: IHSA World Conference

The call for panels for the IHSA World Conference on Humanitarianism in Changing Climates is now open and closes on 25 June.

Upcoming seminar: Climate, peace and security

NUPI is hosting a seminar on Thursday 13 April to examine Norway’s term as a UN Security Council member and it’s priority in relation to climate and security.

Call for submissions: Agenda for Humanity revisited

The Journal of International Humanitarian Action is calling for submissions to the ‘Agenda for Humanity Revisited’ collection to take stock of the progress on the agenda to date.

Upcoming seminar: Climate change, conflict and Russia’s war on Ukraine

Join this PRIO breakfast seminar to take stock of global food insecurity and discuss how it relates to climate change, armed conflict, and the war in Ukraine.

From asylum seekers to kin

This article for the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies explores the building of kinship between Norwegian citizens and asylum seekers from the Middle East.

New NCHS paper: Is there legal pluralism in Afghanistan?

This NCHS paper examines the use of the term legal pluralism in Afghanistan and argues that where access to justice is particularly difficult or neglected, social actors face an absence rather than a plurality of legal orders.

World disasters report released by IFRC

The World Disasters Report 2022: Trust, Equity and Local Action was published by the IFRC in January 2023. The report examines lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic and how to avert the next global crisis.