A reverse form of humanitarian diplomacy?

Following the recent devastating earthquake, Morocco has declined France’s offer of aid. This PRIO blog explores how this refusal can be best understood.

Living in a changing climate: Dynamics of forced migration and displacement

In this episode of Talking Humanitarianism , Amali Tower, Founder of Climate Refugees delivers the keynote address to open the Humanitarian Futures Conference.

What is the situation for the Rohingya now?

In this PRIO blog, Marte Nilsen provides her reflections on the current situation for Rohingya refugees living in camps in Bangladesh.

The war in Sudan and rising humanitarian needs

To find out more about the war in Sudan, including the humanitarian impacts, read the Sudan blog series published by the Chr. Michelsen Institute, as part of the Sudan-Norway Academic Cooperation project.

New Humanitarian Studies Centre launched

The Humanitarian Studies Centre was officially launched in the Hague last week, with the aim to bridge humanitarian research and practice.

Why language matters when we talk about border deaths in the Mediterranean

Heidi Mogstad discusses the media and public framing of refugee and other migrant issues and why language matters, in a recent interview with BBC News.

Climate change causing loss and damage in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley

A new report seeks to shed light on the severe climate change losses and damages communities are experiencing in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, in their own words.

Examining humanitarian action in Ukraine

The Turkish Red Crescent recently brought together humanitarian practitioners and academics to discuss different aspects of the ongoing humanitarian response in Ukraine. Find out what they have to say here.

Tacit engagement and humanitarian negotiation dilemmas

A new NCHS paper examines the implications of tacit engagement in humanitarian negotiations through the lens of two prevalent ethical challenges faced by humanitarian practitioners.

Bergen Exchanges on this week!

Join the annual Bergen Exchanges to explore how law serves as an instrument of change – and how it shapes and is shaped by power relations.