WFP wins the Nobel: Is this an opportunity to enhance protection?

This blog examines the relationship between food – or lack thereof – and military strategies in contemporary armed conflict.

TikTok and the war on data

This blog examines how a tech-reliant humanitarian sector increasingly finds itself implicated in a global war on data.

Hunger is a weapon of war but the WFP can’t build peace on its own

This blog examines the notion of hunger as a weapon of war and the power of food aid.

Nobel for WFP: A non-political Peace Prize for humanitarian multilateralism?

This blog examines the WFP as the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the political nature of humanitarian multilateralism.

Red lines and grey zones

Humanitarian action relies on negotiations with counterparts at local, national and international levels, which are invariably filled with ethical dilemmas. This blog puts forward the need for a research agenda to further examine the ethics of humanitarian action.

From Moria to the UN Security Council

Under the Refugee Convention, people in need of asylum must be given the opportunity to apply for it. This blog examines the fundamental flaws in this system.

Moria’s male refugees need help just as much as anyone else

This blog reflects on the dramatic events where Camp Moria, housing 13,000 refugees mainly from Afghanistan, burnt down on 8 September. Europe, except for Germany, has so far responded in a cold and calculating way.

The dramatic effects of Covid-19 on everyday life in Gadarif

This blog explores the effects of Covid-19 in Gadarif in Eastern Sudan. Precarious food supplies and lacking border control could mean that the chances of containing the pandemic are slim.

Fighting racism and decolonising humanitarian studies

Partnerships between scholars and conflict-affected communities are as unequal as ever. This blog examines the urgent need to address racism and decolonise humanitarian studies.

Israeli annexation plan will spark catastrophe for besieged Palestinians

As the world fixates on the novel coronavirus crisis, the Israeli government has inflicted a not so novel disaster on the Palestinians: the annexation of territories in the West Bank. This blog examines the implications of this annexation.

The politics of humanitarian aid to Myanmar

This blog provides reflections on the politics of humanitarian aid in Myanmar and the challenges of getting humanitarian access in the short term and securing human rights for the future.

In a critical moment for Yemen, donor fatigue can have disastrous consequences

This blog reflects on the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen and the challenge of donor fatigue.