Refugees unwelcome: Increasing surveillance and repression of asylum seekers in the “new Moria” refugee camp on Lesvos

This blog discusses the conditions for asylum seekers on the Greek island Lesvos after the notorious Moria camp burned to the ground in September 2020.

Ethical dilemmas in humanitarian negotiations

This blog provides reflections from both humanitarian practitioners and researchers on the ethical dilemmas associated with humanitarian negotiations and how humanitarian organisations respond to them.

Reflections on humanitarian negotiation

This blog provides reflections on the study and practice of humanitarian negotiation, delving into ethical considerations such as power, representation, compromise, competition and tacit aspects of negotiation.

Morocco’s response to French aid after the earthquake

Following the recent devastating earthquake, Morocco has declined France’s offer of aid. This blog explores how this refusal can be best understood.

Examining the ethics of humanitarian mediation

Examining ethical questions around humanitarian mediation, this blog urges a confident engagement with politics that can show solidarity with the most vulnerable yet retain access to a meaningful discussion with power.

AI in aid: Framing conversations on humanitarian policy

This blog identifies a problematic lack of engagement with AI in the humanitarian strategies of donor countries and offers a set of pointers for framing conversations on AI in aid policy.

NCHS Conversation: Julia Morris

In this NCHS Conversation, Julia Morris (University of North Carolina Wilmington), discusses the increased outsourcing of asylum to private corporations and the concept of ‘refugee extractivism’.

NCHS Conversation: Sally Becker

In this NCHS Conversation, humanitarian aid worker Sally Becker discusses contemporary challenges in humanitarian response, as well as how technology can assist in the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

Regulatory conundrum: Exclusive tourism enclaves

Mega tourism projects have the potential to transform or disfigure local communities. This blog explores the regulatory and possible humanitarian challenges associated with exclusive tourism enclaves.

A perfect storm? The impact of the Ukraine war on donor priorities

Two seemingly unrelated global events in September – the devastating floods in Pakistan and the Russian closure of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline – intersect on the issue of funding for humanitarian relief. This blog examines the impact of the Ukraine war on donor priorities.

Islamic philanthropy and Islamic social finance in humanitarian action

This blog explores the opportunities and challenges associated with Muslim philanthropy and Islamic social finance as a source of humanitarian financing.

Afghanistan: Beyond humanitarian relief

This blog examines why the looming humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan necessitates a broader engagement with the Taliban, and argues that the focus of aid to Afghanistan needs to shift from relief to development assistance as soon as possible.