Project on ethics of humanitarian negotiation receives funding

A new project exploring the ethics of humanitarian negotiation has received funding from the Research Council of Norway.

New publication on grassroots responses to mass migration

Special issue of “Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics” explores grassroots responses to mass migration in Europe.

Creative animation highlights how refugee education can rebuild lives

PRIO together with PositiveNegatives, have released ‘An Agent of Change’, an animated video to highlight the importance of refugee education in rebuilding lives.

The plight of Syrian refugees

PRIO blog post reflects on the increasingly desperate situation for Syrian refugees in the Middle East.

CMI seeking postdoctoral researchers for ERC project

Interested in working on a new European Research Council project, ‘War and Fun: Reconceptualising Warfare and Its Experience’?

Crucial domains of contemporary humanitarianism

New CMI Insight exploring four crucial domains of contemporary humanitarianism.

New collection of citizen-led humanitarian initiatives

An edited collection of citizen-led humanitarian initiatives at European borders has just been published.

NCHS set to contribute to summit on humanitarian negotiation

The World Summit on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation will take place in Caux Switzerland from 28 June to 3 July.

Agents of Change? How to fulfill the promise of education to refugees

PRIO blog explores the importance of refugee education and its challenges.

Is Russia moving towards a compromise on aid to Syria?

The UN Security Council is set to make a decision on cross-border humanitarian aid to Syria by 10 July. What will influence Russia’s position this time?