What is killing humanitarian aid workers?

This blog considers what is killing humanitarian aid workers. Has the humanitarian enterprise got more dangerous? Is eroding trust placing humanitarians in danger?

Collateral damage in court

“Collateral damage” has been a recurring feature of the wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East for the past two decades. This blog post examines the European Court of Human Rights decision in the case of Hanan vs Germany and the impact for civilian victims.

72 million children are at risk of sexual violence in conflict

This blog provides an overview of new data on children living in conflict zones where armed actors are reported to perpetrate sexual violence against children.

The World Food Program won the Nobel Peace Prize

This blog reflects on the Nobel committee’s announcement of the WFP as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and whether food aid boosts peace.

The humanitarian Antaeus

This blog explores the challenges humanitarians face as they try to achieve operational aims such as the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians.

Israeli annexation plan will spark catastrophe for besieged Palestinians

As the world fixates on the novel coronavirus crisis, the Israeli government has inflicted a not so novel disaster on the Palestinians: the annexation of territories in the West Bank. This blog examines the implications of this annexation.

In a critical moment for Yemen, donor fatigue can have disastrous consequences

This blog reflects on the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen and the challenge of donor fatigue.

Peace in Afghanistan? Watch the militias

The prospects of direct talks between Afghanistan’s government and the Taliban have raised cautious hopes after decades of conflict. This blog argues if there is to be durable peace, then Afghanistan’s CIA-supported paramilitary forces must also be disbanded.

Who are the civilians in South Sudan?

Why are local communities so often targeted in South Sudan’s civil wars? How do their attackers justify violence against people defined as civilians in international law?

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