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Welcome to the new NCHS website!

A key feature of our new website is our humanitarian ‘resource hub’, where you can find a range of resources on humanitarian related issues from migration, conflict and disaster to health and governance.

Analysis of the UN concept ‘leave no one behind’

Two CMI working papers exploring the UN concept of ‘leave no one behind’ and its manifestation in humanitarianism.

The EU and offshore asylum processing

This PRIO policy brief examines the Australian model of offshore processing of asylum seekers, including the failures of the model.

Broadening humanitarian accountability

This PRIO blog and associated report examine the argument for broadening the concept of humanitarian accountability.

Call for papers: IHSA World Conference

The call for papers is open for the IHSA World Conference, “New realities of politics and humanitarianism: Between solidarity and abandonment”.

The chance for peace in Yemen

In this online lecture hosted by PRIO, the Minister of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs of Yemen, Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak, outlines his vision for peace for Yemen.

What are the limits of duty of protection?

This NUPI op-ed examines the unfolding events in Afghanistan in August 2021 and Norway’s duty of protection.

NCHS roundtable on conflict-related sexual violence

This year Bergen Exchanges featured a roundtable discussion, hosted by the NCHS, on the issue of sexual violence in humanitarian settings.

Temporary protection as a durable solution for Afghan refugees?

This CMI blog examines why temporary protection is no solution for Afghan refugees and why secure refugee status must be granted.