What do we know about humanitarian energy?

Tune into the latest episode of Talking Humanitarianism with Ekatherina Zhukova and Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen to find out more about what humanitarian energy is and how it operates in contexts of displacement.

UNRWA, funding crisis and the way forward

This CMI report brings attention to the UNRWA funding crisis and the humanitarian and political risks for the international community if this is not addressed.

The temporary turn in Norwegian asylum law and practice

This CMI report explores the dynamics and effects of temporary protection practices in Norway.

New initiative on resettlement launched

Supported by funding from the NCHS, two CMI researchers have launched a new initiative in Columbia on sustainable and inclusive resettlement in contexts of violent conflict.

Upcoming seminar: Fractured protection and bodily exhaustion

Upcoming lunch seminar explores the paradigm shift in Danish asylum policy through politics of exhaustion.

Upcoming seminar: Humanitarian borders and mobility in Europe 2015-2022

Join this PRIO seminar from 1-2 December taking stock of how humanitarian borders have evolved since 2015 and discussing key challenges today, between new and protracted reception sites.

Six years after the Agenda for Humanity workshop

Join this workshop on 25 November at Erasmus University, Rotterdam to take stock of the Agenda for Humanity six years after its adoption.

Art, violent conflict and displacement

New article explores the idea that art plays a role in individual, communal, and societal transformations in contexts of violent conflict and displacement.

Introducing the ‘Displacement-Environment Nexus’ blog

The DENx blog explores the relationship between displaced people and the environment, as part of the ‘Prioritising Displacement-Environment Nexus’ research project hosted at CMI.

NCHS Annual Conference concludes in Bergen

This year the NCHS Annual Conference offered a platform for reflections on the role of Islamic actors in humanitarian action and an evaluation of humanitarian interventions in war.