Humanitarianism and justice

New episode of Talking Humanitarianism
Listen to the latest Talking Humanitarianism podcast episode ‘Rediscovering humanitarianism through the lens of justice: Roles, responsibilities and rights’ here!

Here humanitarian practitioner and researcher Simon Robins joins Işınsu Acar for a conversation on the shortcomings, boundaries, trends and evolution in the operationalisation of justice within humanitarianism.

Based on his broad experience in Africa and Asia relating to humanitarian protection, human rights and transitional justice, Simon provides a detailed account of engagement strategies with traditional actors and offers an interrogation of the tension between local dynamics and global politics over accountability and respect. The episode concludes with a special focus on the case of missing migrants in the Mediterranean.

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Simon Robins has spent 15 years as a consultant to United Nations agencies and international NGOs, including UNHCR, UNRWA, UN Women, Save the Children UK, International Committee of the Red Cross, Norwegian Refugee Council, International Organisation for Migration, International Coalition for Sites of Conscience, and International Centre for Transitional Justice.

Beyond his consultative role in monitoring and evaluation of policy and programs regarding protection and rule of law, Simon researches legacies of violence after conflict and emancipatory approaches driven by victims. Simon is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York and a Research Advisor to the Red Cross/Red Crescent Missing Persons Centre.