Urban displacement, development and donor policies in the Middle East

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The Middle East has one of the world’s highest urbanisation levels, the greatest socio-economic inequality and is a premier displacement region. Refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) typically settle in cities and towns among the urban poor and in inner-city slums and impoverished neighbourhoods.

While cities offer economic opportunities, employment and services, displacement crises often become protracted and strain local infrastructure, service provision and host communities. The international community are unable to address the root causes of displacement and are thus searching for better policies to address displacement in fragile host countries.

This project examines refugees and IDPs in Middle East host states and investigates the key elements needed for instituting an area-based urban response for refugees and IDPs in the Middle East. By providing better data on urban refugees and IDPs, the project will make it possible to inform area-based policy measures at different levels that can support settlement in cities and towns.