Refugee flows and clashes over land at the Sudan-Ethiopia frontier

We encourage you to join the upcoming breakfast forum webinar “Tension on the Border: Refugee flows and clashes over land at the Sudan-Ethiopia frontier” on Tuesday 16 February 2021 at 08:30–09:30 (UTC +1). The webinar is jointly hosted by Bergen Global and Chr. Michelsen Institute.

Since early November 2020, communities in Eastern Sudan bordering Ethiopia have received up to 60,000 refugees fleeing from the ongoing conflict in Tigray in northern Ethiopia. In the aftermath of the first surge of refugees, military clashes over the control of land in the border areas have also taken place. This has led to a tense situation between the two countries, who have for a long time been considered good neighbours.

This seminar will focus on the local dynamics on the border. Exploring the situation in the border state of Gedarif, this seminar will look into how both people in the community and the local governments on the Sudanese side are handling the influx of refugees and the clashes on land. While delving into how the recent conflicts have influenced daily life in Gedaref, we will also discuss possible wider regional impacts.