Forced displacement from Ukraine

Notes on humanitarian protection and durable solutions

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine February 24 2022 marks the start of a new displacement crisis” writes Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (Research Professor, Peace Research Institute Oslo and Professor, University of Oslo) and Adèle Garnier (Honorary Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University) in their blog “Forced displacement from Ukraine: Notes on humanitarian protection and durable solutions” for the Refugee Law Initiative.

In this blog, Sandvik and Garnier, draw on their backgrounds in refugee and migration studies to do four things:

  • First, they survey scholarship on displacement and the Ukrainian context.
  • Second, drawing on this literature, they provide a brief background context, sketching displacement occurring over the past century.
  • Third, they pay special attention to Ukraine in the context of contemporary refugee politics, with a view to understand Ukraine as a receiving country, as hosting a large internally displaced population and as a refugee-producing entity prior to 2022.
  • Fourth, they begin to carve out a list of initial issues concerning vulnerability, prioritisation and pathways with a view to support advocacy on behalf of Ukraine.

Read the full blog here for some thought provoking initial reflections on forced displacement from Ukraine.