The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine: What can be done?

Breakfast seminar at NUPI

Millions of people have fled Ukraine, and even more are internally displaced. At the same time, the material devastation is enormous and critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water and power supplies have been damaged. The humanitarian crisis is acute.

The Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies, together with the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) held an open public seminar on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Welcome by Stein Sundstøl Eriksen, Senior Researcher, NUPI and Co-Director, NCHS.

Panelists include:

You can now view a recording of the seminar here.

Key questions discussed included:

  • What is the humanitarian situation in Ukraine like now?
  • What happens to those who flee? Where do they go? What kind of help do they get? How are they received where they come?
  • What do aid organisations do?
  • What can be done at the political and diplomatic level to deal with the situation?