New article on rights and the politics of humanitarian aid in Myanmar by Marte Nilsen

Photo: European Union/ECHO/Mallika Panorat

Marte Nilsen (PRIO) recently published an article in The European Journal of Development Research titled Perceptions of Rights and the Politics of Humanitarian Aid in Myanmar. Nilsen’s article explores the trade-off for humanitarian actors between getting access and securing rights for vulnerable populations in authoritarian or repressive states. The article looks at Norwegian aid to Myanmar in three significant responses during the period 2007-2017: the emergency response following Cyclone Nargis in 2008; the protracted aid assistance to refugees in camps along the Thai-Myanmar border; and the aid assistance to returning IDPS in ceasefire areas in South-eastern Myanmar since 2012. The approaches of three Norwegian organizations are examined in depth, namely of The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), The Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) and The Norwegian Church Aid (NCA).

Read the article here.