Torunn Wimpelmann

Senior Researcher, CMI

Torunn Wimpelmann ( PhD, SOAS) is a researcher at CMI. Her PhD thesis, entitled the Price of Protection; Gender, Violence and Power in Afghanistan examined struggles over how violations against women should be defined and adjudicated in Afghanistan. More generally she works on the intersections of law, governance and feminist politics in Afghanistan.

Selected publications

Wimpelmann, Torunn (2014) One step forward and many to the side: Combating gender violence in Afghanistan, 2001-2004, Women’s Studies International Forum.

Wimpelmann, Torunn (2014) Leaving Them to It? Women’s Rights in Transitioning Afghanistan, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, Asia Programme, 22 May 2014, Afghanistan: Opportunity in Crisis series no. 5, pp. 1-8.

Wimpelmann, Torunn (2013) Between governance and counterinsurgency: informal justice and contending sovereignties in Afghanistan. Central Asian Survey, Special Issue: Critical Perspectives on Statebuilding and Transition in Afghanistan.

Wimpelmann, Torunn (2013) Nexuses of knowledge and power in Afghanistan: The rise and fall of the informal justice assemblage. Goodhand J & Sedra M (eds.) Central Asian Survey, Special issue on statebuilding and transition in Afghanistan.

Wimpelmann, Torunn (2013) The informal justice paradigm and the appropriation of ‘local reality’. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, Special Issue on Legal Appropriation: taking of and by law, No 2.

Wimpelmann, Torunn (2012) ‘Beyond the Excombatant: The Political Economies of Violence in Postwar Liberia’  in Mats Berdal and Astri Suhrke (Eds.) The Peace in Between: Post-War Violence and Peacebuilding. Routledge.

Wimpelmann, Torunn, Orzala Ashraf Nemat and Astri Suhrke (2011) ‘Promoting Women’s Rights in Afghanistan: The Ambiguous Footprint of the West Chaudhary’ in Susanna Campbell, David Chandler and Meera Sabaratnam: A Liberal Peace? The Problems and Practices of Peacebuilding. London, New York: Zed Books

Suhrke, Astri and Torunn Wimpelmann Chaudhary (2011) ‘From conflict to peace-building’ in Peter Burnell, Vicky Randall and Lise Rakner (eds.): Politics in the developing world. 3rd. ed. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press pp. 241-256

Suhrke, Astri and Torunn Wimpelmann Chaudhary (2009, second revised edition 2012) ‘Conflict and Development’ in Paul A. Haslam, Jessica Schafer and Pierre Beaudet (Eds.): Introduction to International Development. Approaches, Actors and Issues. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press pp. 384-405

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