Kristoffer Lidén

Senior Researcher, PRIO

Kristoffer Lidén is a senior researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo working on the political theory and ethics of peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and security. He combines philosophy with the disciplines of international relations, peace and conflict studies, sociology and social anthropology. Lidén’s PhD in entitled: “Between Intervention and Sovereignty: Ethics of Liberal Peacebuilding and the Philosophy of Global Governance”.

Lidén’s research on the realpolitik and ethics of humanitarian governance and the protection of civilians agenda builds on his previous studies of global governance practices like peace operations and ‘humanitarian intervention’, relating to issues of sovereignty, security and ‘the responsibility to protect’. Rejecting simplistic models of humanitarian governance as discrete assistance or hegemonic imposition, Lidén advances a realistic and empirically informed approach to the ethics of contemporary humanitarianism.

Selected publications:

Lidén, Kristoffer & Henrik Syse (2015) The Politics of Peace and Law: Realism, Internationalism and the Cosmopolitan Challenge, in Larsen, Kjetil M. ; & Cecilia Bailliet, eds, Promoting Peace Through International Law. Oxford: Oxford University Press .

Lidén, Kristoffer (2013) In Love with a Lie? On the Social and Political Preconditions for Global Peacebuilding Governance. Peacebuilding 1 (1), pp. 73-90.

Lidén, Kristoffer (2012) ‘Recipe for Disaster: Violent Rebellion and Humanitarian Intervention.’ Paper presented at Humanitarianism: past, present, future, HCRI, University of Manchester, 8-10 November.

Jacobsen, Elida Kristine Undrum; & Lidén, Kristoffer (2012) ‘Theoretical Challenges for Assessing Socio-Cultural Sensitivity in Governance and Conflict Resolution’. Norms and Premises of Peace Governance. Socio-Cultural Commonalities and Differences In Europe and India. Berghof Foundation.

Miklian, Jason; Lidén, Kristoffer & Kolås, Åshild (2011) ’The Perils of ‘Going Local’: Liberal Peace-building Agendas in Nepal’, Conflict, Security & Development 11(3): 285–308.

Liden, Kristoffer (2011) ‘Peace, Self-Governance and International Engagement: From Neo-Colonial to Post-Colonial Peacebuilding’. Rethinking the Liberal Peace: External Models and Local Alternatives.  London: Routledge (57–74).

Lidén, Kristoffer (2009) ‘Building Peace between Global and Local Politics: On the Cosmopolitical Ethics of Liberal Peacebuilding’, International Peacekeeping 16(5): 616–634.

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The Ethics of the Protection of Civilians

Protection of Civilians and the Veto Powers