Vulnerable states, complex conflicts and refugee flows: Implications for Norwegian humanitarian involvement

Date/Time: 28/09/2017  12:00 - 13:30

Location: NUPI

On 28 September, the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies  (NCHS) shall host a roundtable at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI) on the future of the Norway’s humanitarian-development nexus.


Humanitarian and development assistance is increasingly linked to policies of preventing migration. Moreover, unstable and vulnerable situations challenge the relationship between humanitarian aid on the one hand and other forms of interventions or support on the other. In particular, this applies to development aid and peace and stabilization operations.

What unites this development is that it reflects an instrumentation or politicization of humanitarian aid. Humanitarian aid may – and to different degrees – have been used for other purposes than those immediately humanitarian. Yet, today, it is more explicit and deliberately formulated as part of a political tool to respond to broader and more complex challenges.

At this roundtable, we explore how this development affects humanitarian policy in general, and especially in terms of Norwegian humanitarian policy. We ask: What is the future of the humanitarian-development nexus? What should Norway’s humanitarian and developmental commitment look like in response to the challenges of migration and fragile states?

We invite practitioners from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Norwegian humanitarian organizations working on these issues. The goal is to share experiences and identify possible avenues and principles for further development of humanitarian policy.

The roundtable will be held in Norwegian and will follow Chatham House rules.

Additional Information

Please note that participation in this event will be by invitation.

Contact Amanda Cellini ( with any questions.

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