Killer Robots – the Future of War?

Date/Time: 04/09/2013  08:30 - 10:00

Location: PRIO

Should we prohibit or regulate autonomous weapons? Taking the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots as the starting point, this breakfast seminar identifies a set of key ethical and legal issues relating to robotic weapon platforms.
Chair: Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO)
  • Alexander Harang (Director, Fredslaget): The Stop Killer Robots Campaign and the case for a global ban
  • Kjetil Mujezinovic Larsen (Professor of Law, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, UiO): Humans “out of the loop”- are we reaching the Limits of IHL?
  • Tobias Mahler (Postdoctoral Fellow, Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law, UiO): From automated to autonomous in incremental steps- does a legal ban make sense?

This breakfast seminar is organized by the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS), in collaboration with the PRIO research groups on Humanitarianism and Law and Ethics.

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