AidAccount project to set up Humanitarian Lab

Photo: EU/ECHO/Anouk Delafortrie / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

The AidAccount project, which studies accountability in civic and professional humanitarian aid, has officially started with a virtual 3-day kick-off meeting that involved participants in Norway, the UK, Uganda, Somaliland and Sri Lanka. During the kick-off, NCHS director Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert joined the team to inform about NCHS and opportunities for synergies with the project.

Besides discussing the practical and academic details of the project – through a presentation of a literature review and working group discussions on the three case studies – the AidAccount team spent a day discussing the set up of its Humanitarian Lab. The AidAccount Humanitarian Lab aims to support knowledge-based policy decisions and cultivate relationships between researchers, humanitarians, policy makers, donors and aid recipients that will lead to sustained interactions and collaborative learning. Through co-creating knowledge approaches and interactions with key stakeholders, the lab explores new ways to promote research relevance.

The lab functions as a methodological tool as well as a tool for dissemination and impact. It was set up to provide a regular meeting space in key locations for the study (including Oslo, Kampala in Uganda, Burao in Somaliland, and Jaffna in Sri Lanka) and the team will also experiment with creating a virtual space between differently located stakeholders. The official start-up of the lab is in summer 2021, but we encourage those interested in learning more or taking part, to contact project leader: Cindy Horst.