PRIO Global Fellows with expertise in humanitarian studies

From the left, Larissa Fast, Dorothea Hilhorst. Photo: Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz, Jesper Blok

We are pleased to announce that Larissa Fast (University of Manchester) has been awarded the PRIO Global Fellowship, and that Dorothea Hilhorst (ISS) has had her PRIO Global Fellowship renewed. PRIO Global Fellows are academics with strong scholarly records and a commitment to the research agenda on peace and conflict. They all have their main positions elsewhere but work closely with PRIO researchers and regularly spend time in Oslo. Given the thematic expertise of these two scholars, they will also be cooperating with NCHS.

Larissa Fast is Senior Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies HCRI, University of Manchester. Her research addresses two fundamental problems: how best to protect civilians, particularly those who intervene in violent conflict, and how to make such intervention more effective, ethical, and responsive to local needs and circumstances.

​​​Dorothea Hilhorst is Professor of Humanitarian Aid & Reconstruction at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University in The Hague. Hilhorst’s research interests concern aid–society relations and development aspects of disasters, conflict and humanitarian aid, and the interactions between them.

We look forward to cooperating with these great academics.