Podcast available (in Norwegian): Rescue operations in the Mediterranean – a pull factor?

Political roundtable with humanitarian pracitioners and Norwegian politicians. From the left: Pål Nesse (NRC), Kyrre Lind (MSF), Guri Melby (Venstre), Petter Eide (SV), Michael Tetzschner (Høyre), Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO). Photo: Andrea Silkoset/PRIO

Monday 25 November the NCHS, Nordhost/UiO:Norden, and the University of Oslo Faculty of Law co-hosted an event at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on rescue operations in the Mediterranean sea, and whether there is any validity to claims that such operations act as a pull factor encouraging more migrants to take the dangerous sea route towards Europe.

Speakers at the seminar included researchers, humanitarian practitioners from Médecins Sans Frontières and the Norwegian Refugee Council, and politicians from various Norwegian political parties, all presenting their views on European migration policies in light of recent migrant deaths at sea and public debates on the issue. The Italian Ambassador to Norway attended the seminar, asked for the floor and was invited to comment towards the end.

A recording of the seminar (in Norwegian) is now available, and can be accessed here.