Joint Special Issue of Disasters and Development Policy Review on Technology

A joint special issue of Disasters and Development Policy Review discusses the role of technology both in disasters and in development contexts more broadly. The special issue is a compilation of articles on the topic previously published in one of the two journals, and it features contributions from several NCHS associates. The articles in this issue will be free to access until the end of April 2020, and the special issue can be accessed here.

In their paper Rethinking Access: How Humanitarian Technology Governance Blurs Control and Care by Katja Lindskov Jacobsen and Larissa Fast the role of digital technology in humanitarian governance is examined. The article looks at the governance of technologies and the digitalized data they produce, before tying such insights into the much-debated humanitarian access challenge. The article concludes that in a digital age, access is no longer only about gaining access to vulnerable populations, but also about preventing access to vulnerable digital bodies.  Read the article in full here.

In her article Control or Rescue at Sea? Aims and Limits of Border Surveillance Technologies in the Mediterranean Sea, Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert seeks to understand what surveillance technologies can and cannot do vis-à-vis the roles they were assigned. The article argues that surveillance of migration in the Mediterranean Sea does not equal actual control as it is limited in its ability to stop, sort or reduce migration flows. Rather, the type of information collected by such technology is best adapted to support search and rescue operations. Read the article in full here.