New article: Humanitarian Data Governance

In his newly published article, From Space to Supply Chains: A Plan for Humanitarian Data Governance, in the SSRN, Sean Martin McDonald highlights the relationship between digitization and humanitarian supply chains, with a focus on data protection and governance.

Against the backdrop of the June 2019 ultimatum issued by the World Food Programme (WFP) to the Houthi Government in Yemen – participate in a biometric identification system or receive less aid – McDonald explores the evolving role of humanitarian organizations in a digitalized world. The paper revisits the humanitarian space and access debates, and how current trends in humanitarian response extend operating license granted to humanitarian organization to a much larger group of actors. McDonald examines the operational implications of extending humanitarian license to a larger network of partners, and concludes with five actionable opportunities for humanitarian organizations to begin building supply chain approaches to data governance, toward securing humanitarian space.

The paper was written with funding from the Research Council of Norway, under its “‘Aid in Crisis? Rights-Based Approaches to Humanitarian Outcomes” grant, led by Kristin Bergtora Sandvik. Read the article in full here.