Knudsen and Høigilt write about Norwegian foreign aid to Palestine in VG

Photo: NorwayUN/Ragnhild H. Simenstad.

On 7 July, Are Knudsen (CMI) and Jacob Høigilt (PRIO) published a piece in the Norwegian VG, discussing some of their research from the Aid in Crisis? project. In evaluating Norwegian foreign aid to Palestine, Knudsen and Høigilt outline the explicit political goals: supporting the peace process, building a Palestinian state, and contributing to a two-state solution. They also see a paradox, noting that Norwegian assistance to Palestine contributes to the stagnation of the political process and a gradual worsening of the human rights situation, running contrary to the goals of the aid.

The article, Norsk bistand til Palestina er et stort og dyrt paradoks, can be found here in Norwegian on the VG site.