Schultz and Cellini present at the Nordic Asylum Law Seminar

The Nordic Asylum Law Seminar was held 29-30 May at the University of Iceland, hosted by the Human Rights Institute and the Nordic Institute for Migration and Refugee Policy (NIM). The overall theme of the 2017 Seminar was ‘Migration management and human rights — Refugee protection in crisis‘.

A growing number of refugees and asylum seekers have fled to Europe to escape instability and persecution in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and Somalia, and migration and asylum have become critically and hotly debated issues. Concerns related to security, territorial sovereignty and border control affect the response to the situation and there are alarming trends in the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, as well as of irregular migrants in all parts of Europe. One aspect of this is the criminalisation of asylum seekers and refugees. However, fleeing persecution in an irregular manner is not a criminal act and irregular migrants also enjoy rights under international law, which needs to be respected. The theme of the conference aimed to discuss these issues, focused on the situation in Europe, and especially in the Nordic countries.

Jessica Schultz (CMI) and Amanda Cellini (PRIO) presented papers on the panel ‘Protection Alternatives in Nordic Countries’ that was chaired by Anna Tryggvadóttir and also included a presentation by Natalia Caicedo and Andrea Romano.

  • Schultz presented ‘The internal protection alternative in Norwegian law and practice: the case of families and minors from Afghanistan’
  • Cellini presented ‘Settling Resettlement? A Normative Study of Resettlement in Norway and Sweden, comparing the response in 1956/57 and 2015/16’