Sande Lie publishes article on the formation of a humanitarian-development nexus

In his newly published article From humanitarian action to development aid in northern Uganda and the formation of a humanitarian-development nexus in Development in Practice, Jon Harald Sande Lie (NUPI) discusses the formation of a humanitarian-development nexus.

The instituted order of humanitarianism is both changing and challenged. Sande Lie’s article addresses the transition between humanitarian action and development aid in northern Uganda, which was driven by the government’s ambition to reassert its humanitarian sovereignty by discursively recasting the situation from one crisis to one of recovery and development, regardless of persistent humanitarian needs. He finds that, in response, humanitarian actors either withdrew or moved into development aid. This bourgeoning humanitarian-development nexus questions the nature and future of humanitarianism and whether there is a hierarchy – or contradiction – between the humanitarian mandate and pragmatic approaches to save lives and protect civilians.

Note: This article is an output of the research project Protection of Civilians: From Principles to Practice, placed under the umbrella of NCHS and funded by the Research Council of Norway. You can access the article here and read Sande Lie’s policy brief on the same topic here.