Sandvik and Cellini participate in Global Challenges – Nordic Experiences Conference

On 20-21 March, Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO) and Amanda Cellini (PRIO) participated in the conference Global Challenges – Nordic Experiences hosted by UiO:Nordic at the University of Oslo. UiO:Nordic intends to provide new knowledge about Nordic countries and models, including their historical preconditions, challenges, paradoxes and opportunities for the future. The 2017 conference aimed to establish an international forum for researchers working on issues related to Nordic experiences, to critically examine the Nordic model and also contribute to an international dialogue about strategic and political choices, social and cultural development, and sustainable solutions for the future.

Sandvik served on the conference program committee and served as co-chair, with Johan Strang, of three sessions on the theme of The Nordic Model of Global Humanitarianism: Contestations and Contextualisations. On 21 March, Cellini presented a paper titled “Settling resettlement: a normative study of Norway, Sweden and the resettlement of Hungarians in 1956/57” during one of the sessions of The Nordic Model of Global Humanitarianism.