Sandvik included in new PoLAR Virtual Issue on Immigration



Kristin Bergtora Sandvik’s (PRIO/UiO) article Blurring Boundaries: Refugee Resettlement in Kampala — between the Formal, the Informal, and the Illegal has been included in a new PoLAR Virtual Edition on Immigration. PoLAR notes that

This virtual edition is to complement the APLA series, Speaking Truth to Justice: APLA/PoLAR Respond to the Trump Executive Order on Immigration, which responds to the Trump administration’s Executive Order 13769, barring US entry to citizens of seven countries as well as legally recognized refugees. Curated by Heath Cabot and Jennifer Curtis, the series features commentaries from scholars working on the politics and law of borders and migration. The fourteen articles that comprise this virtual edition provide additional theoretical and empirical insights into the experiences and challenges of immigration.

You can find the PoLAR Virtual Edition on Immigration here.

Sandvik’s article, originally published in 2011, investigates the formal, informal, and illegal transactions that govern the struggle between urban refugees and the UNHCR in Kampala, Uganda, over the distribution of third-country resettlement slots. She proposes that the regularization of resettlement has engendered a pluralist system that draws on and combines multiple sources and levels of legal and bureaucratic norms . You can access the article here.