Sandvik participates in ALNAP Annual Meeting

On 14-15 February, Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO) participated in the session, “Responding to changes from outside the sector: information technology and social media” during the 31st Annual Meeting, Changing Humanitarian Action?, of ALNAP in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sandvik argued that information technology is playing both offense and defense to aid in attempting to┬ádo “no harm” and “according to need”. ICT technology has had a transformative impact on humanitarian crises, including how emergencies, their┬ásolutions, and also the very nature of humanitarian work is understood. Humanitarians generally lack a theory of change: with respect to ICT, Sandvik noted that there is also a lack of a theory of harm.

Other participants in the panel included Emily Keane (Save the Children) and Marc Dubois (Independent consultant).