Jumbert participates in debate organized by the French delegation of the ICRC in Paris

On 7 December, Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (Director, NCHS and Research Director, PRIO) participated in the panel « Générer le respect du droit dans les conflits: une responsabilité citoyenne? » [Generating respect for the law in conflicts: a civic responsibility?], hosted by the French Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Paris.

Jumbert’s comments spanned International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the technologies of activism. She took note of the degrading respect for IHL internationally, not only with targeted attacks on civilians, but also through the targeting of humanitarian aid workers and health personnel. She discussed the current role and potential of new technologies in documenting and sharing information about violations of IHL. In mentioning how new technologies can raise awareness, she also took note of the risks of “cyber activism”, where individuals can click quickly on campaigns or sign petitions. Additionally, she noted that politicians’ attention can also shift quickly from one conflict to the next. Jumbert also commented on the difference in the traditions of public engagement of activists and humanitarians, acknowledging the activist’s defense of human rights and the humanitarian’s use of a more neutral/ impartial position in order to ensure continued access.

Jumbert participated in the panel with Aurélia Devos (Vice-Prosecutor, Head of the Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes and Misdemeanors Division) and Antoine Grand (Assistant to the Director of Operations, ICRC).

You can view a recording of the event below (in French) and read Jumbert’s newly translated article in the International Review of the Red Cross journal here.