NCHS researcher Pinar Tank interviewed in the Financial Times

Photo: Bodo Marks

On May 25th, NCHS researcher Pinar Tank was interviewed in the international Financial Times. In a piece discussing Turkey’s humanitarian role in Somalia, Tank shared some of her research-based insights. In particular, the piece focused on Turkey´s increasingly important commitment to aid in Somalia – 400 million USD over the past five years – and the direct manner in which aid is disbursed, bolstering the Turkish argument that its provision of aid differs from that of traditional donors. Pinar Tank was quoted on the motivations behind Turkish aid that combines “business opportunities” with humanitarianism. This model allows the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) to serve domestic politics, create new spheres of influence in Africa, and gain international recognition as an important humanitarian player. The article can be found here for FT subscribers or alternatively through an internet search using the key title words: “Somalia reaps rewards of Ankara´s investment”.