NCHS contributes to Brookings event on Emerging Powers and Conflict-Afflicted States

Photo: Denise Dauphinais

As part of the two-year Emerging Powers in Post-Conflict and Transitional Settings: the New Politics of Reconstruction project, supported by the United States Institute of Peace and directed by Agnieszka Paczynska (George Mason University), NCHS and PRIO senior-researcher Pinar Tank has participated in a two day meeting, on 14 and 15 March, on the theme “Emerging powers and conflict-afflicted states”. Tank spoke about Turkish approaches to humanitarian assistance and post-conflict reconstruction comparing the Somalia and Syria cases.

The first day, 14 March, consisted of a workshop for a planned edited volume to be finalized this fall with a group of scholars working on emerging powers – besides Pinar Tank (Turkey), it included Chris Alden (China), Sultan Barakat (Arab Gulf states), Paulo Esteves (Brazil), Gilbert Khadiagala (South Africa), Rani Mullen (India) and Christoph Zürcher (Russia).  The second day, 15 March, the group held a public presentation at Brookings of their preliminary research findings.

More information on the event at Brookings can be found here.