Sandvik and Jacobsen publish book on UNHCR’s quest for accountability

Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (Director of the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies and Senior Researcher at PRIO) and Katja Lindskov Jacobsen (assistant professor at the Metropolitan University College, Denmark, and external lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School) have recently published the book UNHCR and the Struggle for Accountability, a Routledge publication.

Addressing the inadequate academic attention given to how the concept of accountability is evolving within the specific branches of the humanitarian enterprise, UNHCR and the Struggle for Accountability explores the UNHCR’s quest for accountability by viewing the UNHCR’s accountability obligations through the web of institutional relationships within which the agency is placed (beneficiaries, host governments, implementing partners, donors, the Executive Committee and UNGA). The book takes a multidisciplinary approach in order to illuminate the various layers and relationships that constitute accountability and also to reflect on what constitutes good enough accountability.

This book contributes to the discussion regarding how we construct knowledge about concepts in humanitarian studies and is a valuable resource for academics, researchers and professionals in the areas of anthropology, history, international relations, international law, science, technology studies and socio-legal studies.