CMI, UiB and NCHS host workshop on the political and social impacts of technological tools

Photo: HOT OSM Volunteers at work in Kathmandu Living Labs to map the effects of the 2015 Earthquake.

CMI, the University of Bergen and the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies co-organized on 2 and 3 November the workshop Digital Revolutions: New Information Technology Tools in 21st Century Politics. The two-day workshop brought together academics and practitioners and was aimed to map out the field of various digital tools relevant to the study of social and political behavior; develop research questions to study the effects of these tools; and to assess the applied potential of digital tools as methods of data collection within social science research. Further, a public panel event on day 2 at the University of Bergen discussed key questions on these topics.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Identify research questions that can be channeled into future research projects and funding applications on the topics of:
    1. The impacts of digital tools on social, economic, and political processes and events; and
    2. Generating a more systematic understanding of the possibilities and limitations of new digital tools for research purposes.
    3. Identify possible collaborating partners for research projects, both for studying interventions and carrying out research.
    4. Laying the foundation for constructing a network of scholars and practitioners on the topic of digital tools and social science research.
    5. Identify possible research funding sources.

The workshop report, edited by CMI and including further details on the event’s activities and participants, can be read in full here.