Aid access challenges in Afghanistan

Photo: John James/IRIN

NCHS’s Arne Strand (Deputy Director, CMI) provided comments to the analysis Challenges around aid in Afghanistan, published in the humanitarian news and analysis service, IRIN. The analysis discusses the challenges of aid access, risk management and monitoring in Afghanistan after the handover of security by NATO-led ISAF to Afghan Security Forces.

Reminding of the fragmentation within Afghanistan, Strand anticipates that serious NGOs with knowledge and dedicated staff will remain, but that “monitoring capacity will need a boost in the current environment.”

The author, John James, states that: “To face the future security challenges, analysts suggest a range of measures, from negotiating with a broader set of stakeholders, to using cash-transfer schemes, remote management, third party monitoring, and having a greater tolerance for risk, allied with risk mitigation measures.”

Read the complete analysis here.

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